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The Kappa HouseWelcome to Kappa Xi Kappa! We are a local fraternity located in Newark, New Jersey. As a local fraternity, we are the only existing Kappa Xi Kappa in the world. We are recognized by NJIT. Our Brotherhood consist of NJIT students and Rutgers-Newark students.

Founded in 1964, Kappa Xi Kappa is a brotherhood founded on the principles of Leadership, Uniqueness, and Courage. We are home to Kappa the Wonderdog and the dreaded Oip. Over and Above since 1964!

Kappa the Wonderdog

  • On March 29th we had our 50th anniversary Alumni Dinner, here's to the brotherhood of Kappa Xi Kappa going over and above since 1964!
  • Congratulations to our newest pledge class, Gamma Eta, who crossed with 5 brothers this semester!